The Cooperative

We can do more together than we can separately

A Paradigm Shifting Idea

From Isolation to Cooperation

Holistic Systems Cooperative is a new type of organization that aims to change the way business, economics, and governance work by fostering collaboration instead of competition. It’s based on the idea that working in isolation from, and against each other, simply does not work to enable us all to get our basic needs met, or utilize the real value we all have.

We start by offering a core service of on-demand, customized, integrated teams to help both entrepreneurs and team members thrive in the here and now. The community of skilled professional talent are matched up with client partners based on their needs. This supports all members in stabilizing and succeeding in their endeavors, thus allowing them to bring their gifts and abilities into the world.

We know that being an entrepreneur or working professional can create overwhelm, isolation, and the reality of being consistently under-resourced. Which is why we start with this symbiotic relationship that helps everyone meet their present time needs.  This allows for more ease and stability for all involved, opening up more collective capacity for further innovation.

From Survival to Thrival

An Ecosystem of Support

Our current economic models come with the persistent stress of trying to continuously get our needs met in a competitive environment that is designed to reward extractive endeavors and concentrate wealth into the hands of the few.

So Holistic Systems Cooperative has flip-turned that dynamic on its head by bringing together these separate entities to collaborate and pool resources in order for them all to thrive, and by gaining the relative safety and security of this community of scale, have the capacity to drive forward actionable, measurable, transformative change in our societal systems.

This model is as natural as the sun rising.  We know it works, and not just in nature, or in families, but in business.  All big companies use it, it’s called an economy of scale.  However, that resource pool and true cooperation stop at the company line.

But what if each and every small business and entrepreneur could scale that way?  And not in the distant and possible future, but now?

New Tools For A New World

Even though the base idea is simple, up until now, the complexity of actually facilitating it might make it impractical. That’s no longer the case. In just the last few years there have come into being new technologies that provide a mechanism never before encountered to facilitate this kind of coordination. This cutting-edge organizational, ownership, and governance structure is made possible by new technology known as Web3, blockchain, smart contracts, tokenomics and DAO’s (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

These tools allow for a way of coordinating together that simply hasn’t existed before.  By utilizing digital ledgers and smart contracts, all of the resources and value that we’re talking about pooling and sharing can be exchanged without the logistical issues needed using traditional methods.  Now everything can be tokenized!

Our value exchange is all based around the COOP token. (like co-op)  A token is simply a representation of value.  Just as is a dollar, but this token is much more versatile and nimble. And the manner in which it represents value is decided upon by those who use it.

There’s not even just one token! There is a separate governance token, for example, so that way decision making power is separated from financial power. It’s a way for everybody in the community and the surrounding ecosystem to rapidly, easily, skillfully, and transparently exchange and be compensated for the value they bring to the table.

Decentralized Humanistic Organizations

The method of organizing and coordinating that’s used to manage and run this whole endeavor is called a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).  You can think of this as a community with a shared purpose and a shared method of value exchange. It’s like a worker-owned cooperative on sterioids!

A DAO is collectively owned and managed by its members. Rather than concentrating ownership into the hands of founders, directors, and investors, a DAO distributes ownership to a variety of stakeholders in an ecosystem, including contributors, users, partners, and so on. Decisions within the organization are governed by the contributors of the group to ensure everyone in the organization has a voice.

DAO’s can choose their organizational structure based on their purpose. Holistic System’s current structure is a decentralized model, operating in self-managed, self-organized circles, acting more like a living organism than a structured organization. These frameworks allow us to respond and adjust quickly while also keeping decision-making decentralized.

While amazingly exciting, these tools in and of themselves are not the solution to the evolution we are aiming to bring about, they are simply mechanisms with great potential in them. The success of this endeavor rests on incorporating our values, mission, purpose, humility, heart, and shared humanity into them.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

~Buckminster Fuller

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