Our Vision, Mission, & Purpose

We can do more together than we can separately

Purpose Driven

Our current economic models come with the persistent stress of trying to continuously get our needs met in a competitive environment that is designed to reward extractive endeavors and concentrate wealth into the hands of the few.

So Holistic Systems Cooperative is flip-turning that dynamic on its head by bringing together these separate entities to collaborate and pool resources in order for them all to thrive, and by gaining the relative safety and security of this community of scale, have the capacity to drive forward actionable, measurable, transformative change in our societal systems.

We believe that when the power of collaboration is unleashed, magic happens!  The more we uplift each other, the more strength,  stability, and security we all have!

Our Vision

We envision collaboration and equitable resource sharing as the standard model of societal structures; that success in one’s business aligns with the cultivation of a just and equitable society and regenerative societal systems

Our Purpose

Our shared purpose is to join together with a community of like-minded businesses and professional talent to help facilitate transition to a new collaborative model of doing business that allows all involved to thrive while bringing about ease and stability for people and planet.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help facilitate helpers, healers, and visionaries and the professional talent who serve them, in accessing more time, abundance, stability, community, ease, and purpose in their lives and work, and in those with whom they work. Our mission is to help others be in their mission, knowing that when someone has enough resources to bring their natural gifts and abilities into the world, that creates true healing and transformation, and allows more capacity to drive forward collective, actionable, measurable, change in our societal systems.

Our Values

The foundations of our business are based on these values:

  • Collaboration and co-creation, where all voices are essential
  • The equitable sharing of resources, including all profit earned and the distribution of time
  • Abundance, as a continuous flow through all involved
  • Creating a culture of social justice, anti-racism, and anti-oppression

These values are structured into the core of how the business operates. We are committed to building and operating in this manner to not only help co-create a different model of doing business than our current conventional one, but by being a model for that.

Regenerative value sharing

We are co-creating an innovative model of working in a cooperative manner, as opposed to a competitive one.  This starts with a paradigm-shifting, decentralized, self-managed, contributor-owned DAO organizational structure.  In this structure, those who work at the company are also the ones who own the company and receive a share of profits.   

It can take a little bit to shift the perspective, but in this model there are no customers and employees and company anymore. Everybody is contributing to a purpose.  When it’s put together well, everyone’s interests align in a way that meets the community’s needs on tangilbe and intangible levels.  All of this engenders a security and support that allows members to work from a place of thrival, not survival.  

You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

~Buckminster Fuller

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