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Become a Team Member / Co-Owner and Align Your Work With Your Purpose.

Seriously.  Let’s do things differently.

What if you could be doing what you love and what you’re great at, while directly cultivating the world you want to see, AND be thriving at the same time?  That’s the plan.

Holistic Systems Cooperative is a new type of organization that aims to change the way business, economics, and governance work by fostering collaboration instead of competition.  It’s based on the idea that working in isolation from, and against each other, simply does not work to enable us all to get our basic needs met, or utilize the real value we all have.

We start by offering a core service of on-demand teams to help both entrepreneurs and team members thrive in the here and now.  The community of skilled professional talent are matched up with small business client partners based on the their needs.

The thing that makes it so amazing is that all of this is co-created, co-owned, and facilitated by the DAO Community members themselves who are doing the work! There’s no outside owners who make the decisions or take a cut. All the value created is distributed back to those who contribute. 

The special sauce is that by working together and pooling resources, the community can become larger and stronger, reaping the benefits that arise. The transition to this new model happens step by step, and we meet people where they are, while creating the stability and support needed to make the next step possible.

The idea behind all of this is to be where you shine, for us all to thrive together, and have your energy and efforts go towards supporting those who are already cultivating individual and societal healing and transformation, while also building an equitable and regenerative future.

How’s It Work?

This is a contribution-based model of value exchange. There’s no owner to take a cut, and no outside parties making decisions. In every sense of the meaning, you’ll receive what you put into it.

The foundational service we provide is on-demand, customized, integrated teams of skilled professionals for helpers, healers, and visionaries and their small businesses. We support them in stabilizing and succeeding in their endeavors, thus allowing them to bring their gifts and abilities into the world. The payment for the value of these services is then distributed back equitably to the professional service experts who fulfill the various roles and projects needed for clients, at specific agreed-upon levels.

The beauty of all this is that the very base model dictates that the more each team member contributes, the more it benefits all involved.  We collectively decide how to distribute profits, and everyone who contributes has the actual decision making power to say what that looks like.

Practically, that means there are various roles and assignments that need to be filled, and anyone who believes they can provide value and fulfill that role can turn in a proposal to claim it. The decisions on who takes on the role and for how long are made by the community members directly involved. These roles encompass a wide spectrum of services, from helping clients run and grow their endeavors, to developing and building the DAO itself.

You can jump in and start contributing right away, or join the “Roster” and be on call for new jobs when they come in and also keep in the loop as a Community Member.

How does the business model work?

Big corporations have the advantage of operating at scale that helpers, healers, and visionaries don’t have.  We can level the playing field.

It’s a lofty goal but a simple idea… we stop competing with each other and start collaborating. We pool and share our resources. We join lots of people and entities who by themselves are under-resourced, and scale that community to the size of a larger company, reaping the benefits that arise.

The key is to start where you are. Where are you? You’re more than likely in a place where you need to make money to pay your bills, and having to deal with the realities of that fact. That’s where most of us are, including our clients. Which is why we start with providing the core service of on-demand teams, because that symbiotic relationship is what helps everyone meet their present time needs. A person who can’t pay their bills is not likely to have the bandwidth to create new civilizations.

What’s exciting though, is that while we’re working to support each other in the here and now, we also get to BE the model we want to see in the world; each and every day we’re building and operating in the new paradigms for how value is exchanged and distributed to each other.

The more we are all able to build and grow together, the more value we’ll be creating for all involved. The natural incentive to share the valuable resources you have is baked into the system.  It’s all open and transparent, and how it works is decided upon by those who create it. No back-room secret deals, no having to hide what you receive for your energies.

Even though the idea is simple, up until now, the complexity of actually facilitating it might make it impractical. That’s no longer the case. In just the last few years there have come into being new technologies that provide a mechanism never before encountered to facilitate this kind of coordination. This cutting-edge organizational, ownership, and governance structure is made possible by new methods of coordination known as Web3, blockchain, smart contracts and DAO’s (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

What’s a DAO?

A DAO is a community with a shared purpose and a shared method of value exchange.  It’s like a worker-owned cooperative on sterioids!

A DAO is like a community, business or organization which is collectively owned and managed by its members. Rather than concentrating ownership into the hands of founders, directors, and investors, a DAO distributes ownership to a variety of stakeholders in an ecosystem, including contributors, users, partners, and so on. DAO’s help break down the traditional power hierarchies that are responsible for extreme concentrations of wealth.

Decisions within the organization are governed by the contributors of the group to ensure everyone in the organization has a voice. Decision making can be separated from ownership, and be programmed to prevent the concentration of power.  

With DAOs you don’t need to trust anyone else in the group, lawyers, or the authority of nation states. You only need to trust the DAO’s code, which is 100% transparent and verifiable by anyone, as it is recorded on the blockchain. Everything is out in the open and the rules around spending & decision making are baked into the DAO via its code.

DAO’s can choose their organizational structure based on their purpose. Holistic System’s current structure is a decentralized model, operating in self-managed, self-organized circles, acting more like a living organism than a structured organization. These frameworks allow the DAO to respond and adjust quickly while also keeping decision-making decentralized.

In reality, nobody owns the Holistic Systems DAO. It has no employees and no controlling bodies or persons. It is a community of contributors, generating and exchanging value, and is governed by those who invest time while rewarding those that invest time, money or other capital.

While amazingly exciting, these tools in and of themselves are not the solution to the evolution we are aiming to bring about, they are simply mechanisms with great potential in them. The success of this endeavor rests on incorporating our values, mission, purpose, humility, heart, and shared humanity into them.

Graphic with nested circles, a depiction of a DAO

How do I get paid?

The COOP token is simply a representation of value.  Utilizing this expansive method of measuring and exchanging value opens up a world of new opportunities.

When client partners need services, that creates various roles and assignments to be filled. Holistic Systems will then offer those proposals out to the community, and any community member can apply. In addition, any community member can propose their own role or assignment where they see the opportunity to provide value to the community.

The compensation terms of these proposals/assignments are run through the DAO platform and smart contracts. In each agreement, it is decided upon how much compensation will be given in fiat currency and Holistic Systems COOP Utility tokens.  The level of need often dictates the amount of cash payment versus tokens. Once the contract is fulfilled, the compensation is released.

The DAO Builder platform we are using to facilitate all of this is the amazing Hypha DAO “Organization in a Box.” To coordinate all of this in a conventional way with project by project and person by person agreements would be painstaking and difficult for a startup without a lot of capital behind it. This platform was designed to make it simple, elegant, and quick.

Why are we doing this?

We organize around a hierarchy of purpose, not a hierarchy of persons.

The big-picture purpose which is behind everything we do is to bring about deep systemic change in our societal economic and governance systems, with the goal of transitioning to a system based on collaboration, the equitable distribution of resources, and regenerative practices.

The key result of this model is to bring about more ease and stability for all involved, and to reduce the persistent stress that comes with trying to continuously get our needs met in a competitive environment that is designed to reward extractive endeavors and concentrate wealth into the hands of the few.

This organization is based on the contention that a group of people working consciously together can create a different model of getting our needs met based on thriving, rather than surviving, and that this model does not require attaining permission from the powers that be. The revolutionary new technologies now available are the last piece of the puzzle that makes this model work.  

Graphic with nested circles, a depiction of a DAO with community

You should get involved if…

Holistic Systems is for anyone, not everyone.  We are co-creating a new culture and way of doing business, and that lends itself to innovators and changemakers.

Simply put, if you believe in the mission, the purpose, and the model, that’s why you should join in. You can be involved at whatever level feels in alignment, whether you dip your toe in the water, or dive right in!

This is the time to get in on the ground floor of this venture if it speaks to you. The tokenomics model is meant to incentivize those who are taking a larger risk by coming in early and investing their precious time and efforts.

You should get involved if you’re looking to build this Cooperative. There is an already established infrastructure, and active clients, projects, and income, but this organization does not belong to the founder. Once Rob hit “start” on the DAO, it stopped being his business. This is a community with a shared purpose that is co-created by those who contribute to it, and who are able to provide value to it. It’s for us.

Next steps – 3 paths…

While all community members can free flow between levels of contribution and compensation, it helps to point out the 3 general paths to take.

We are moving away from the rigidity of one person boxed-in to one job and that’s where you stay until someone tells you you’re allowed to change. Multiple team members can occupy one role, and one role can be filled by multiple team members. As such, we create the ability to be fluid and flexible in how we coordinate and work together.

3 Paths:

1.) Independent Contractor – “Contributor”
Join in and start contributing in one or more roles or assignments for a combination of investment hours and fiat currency. You’ll fulfill roles for client partners or for organizational development, and have first choice when new work comes in.

2.) Independent Contractor – “On the Roster”
You love the idea and would like to jump in, but you’re not yet ready, or are in a position of requiring a level of fiat currency not yet available. You’ll get listed on the Roster and we’ll keep you in the loop, and call you when work comes in that matches your skill sets. 

3.) Core Team Member / Co-founder
This is the opportunity to come in as a Core Contributor of this startup.  You’ll have the thrill of leading a new style of organization, and will be entitled to extra multipliers on your contributions.  Essentially, you’re “All In!”

Even though it helps to have these distinctions, the reality is that this is a fully user-owned community, such that everyone who contributes in any way is an investor and gains stake in the business and its success.

Ok, how do I start!?

Enough talk, let’s rock.

Come to our weekly Community Zoom meeting – every Tuesday at 3pm EDT / 7pm UTC!

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