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Obsessed with utter efficiency, seamless integration, and maximizing resources so you can shine!


Holistic Systems was created out of a desire to support helpers, healers, and visionaries and help them flourish.  We’ve seen how a lack of time or resources can hamstring those with something special to bring to the world.  That’s where we come in!  Holistic Systems is a dedicated group of specialized team members who work with you in a custom-tailored, integrated way, but who you don’t have to manage.  This way you’re able to bring your magnificent offerings and talents to those who are looking to find you!

We’re In It With You

What makes Holistic Systems special is that we not only bring strategic and tactical know-how, but we roll up our sleeves and get in the work with you. While we love to offer consulting services, our goal is to build long-term working relationships, so after a strategy is developed, we are there to help implement it and make adjustments along the way.

A Cooperative Workforce

We are a co-created entity, and know that our processes improve when all voices are heard and new ideas are shared.  As a group, we support all team members to be where they shine and where their gifts, abilities, and skills match up perfectly with what our clients need.

Because of our unique, cooperative model of working together and our vision to create social change, our team members are naturally invested in the success of Holistic Systems and the clients we serve.



Founder / Marketing Automation & Digital Systems Integration

I’m here to help bring about more time, space, ease, and purpose for all humans. That’s why I’m obsessed with efficiency and creating systems that bring that about. I leverage the power of marketing automation to help inspired people connect with their audience while freeing up valuable time to focus on what they do best.

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Resource management is my super power. Resources are the building blocks for making happen whatever we want to make happen. And when we use them in conscious, deliberate ways, we can not only achieve our goals but choose how to do that.

I founded Holistic Systems on the heels of a 15 year journey of healing and self-transformation that saw me study and practice a myriad of different wisdom traditions and wellness modalities.  One of the gifts of this journey was the opportunity to learn how to come into alignment with my mission and purpose.  I was fortunate enough to have the time to do that, and it became clear that my mission was to help support others in their mission.  My experience in the health and wellness field allows me to have special insight into the challenges that helpers, healers, and visionaries face, and the importance of what they offer, while also understanding what makes small businesses tick and how to help them grow.

When I’m not working to create time, I like to waste it away by sitting on a beach, walking in the woods, and making ridiculous cupcakes.


Social Media Marketing

I’m a content creation strategist, as well as an artist, musician, and activist. After a decade of content creation & strategy for clients in industries ranging from artificial intelligence to non-profits, I am confident in adding value to any social media or digital campaign.

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I also know that this is an ever-changing industry, so I am continuously growing my skillsets and keeping up to date. 

I call myself a “student of life” because I’m always striving to learn and un-learn, growing and connecting to help strengthen democratic movements around the world. That’s why each month, with the International Strategy Center, I help facilitate the Progressive Forum with movement builders and academics from around the world. We aim not just to study and expand our political consciousness, but to strengthen each other’s democratic movements in a network of international solidarity.


Project Management / Online Course Creation

I have proficiency and experience in various project management methodologies, ensuring projects stay on track and deliver results. I also possess a unique talent for Instructional Design, adept at crafting tailored courses that captivate and educate.

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 I don’t just design and manage; I create enriching learning experiences that make a lasting impact.

I’ve been navigating the tech landscape since the early ’90s, wearing multiple hats along the way. I’m currently immersed in the exciting world of Web3, constantly learning and adapting to its evolving nature. But my skills extend beyond the technical realm. This blend of deep tech knowledge, agile project management skills, and knack for impactful instructional design is what I bring to the table in this fast-paced digital world.


Producer / PR

Global Media Producer, Writer, Editor, Publicist, PIO, Community Builder, Strategy Consultation. Lifelong writer with 29 years of experience in public and media relations, leading anything from communications strategy to crisis communications for government, politicians, CEOs as well as artists and performers.

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My mission is to use my access and skills to help others and weave with other agencies for the greater good.

My interests align with work : regenerative ecosystems, governance structures, decentralized organizations/sociocratic circles; innovative forms of learning organizations; uplifting community news outlets as a foundation for our collective intelligence, storytelling and narratives for global good.


Media Production & Content Creation

Film and photography have been a focus for over 30 years, with hallmarks generally related to the documentation and amplification of the efforts of the regenerative businesses and organizations, human-rights and environmental activists, the artists, and investigative journalists.

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Now, I have shifted all of my effort behind regenerating our communities and ecosystems through regenerative economics and governance solutions. I aim to tell stories that amplify the brand and messaging of businesses and organizations making a positive impact towards our shared regenerative future. I work for nature. The one true boss.


Operations Coordinator

I’m a transformational leader with a focus on decentralized ventures and bridging traditional cultures with innovative community building. With over ten years of experience in administrative management, customer communication, and creative design, I seek a connection point for mutual support of the authentic self in reflection to the great whole.

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I have integrated skills in graphic design, advertising, illustration, video editing, sculpture, traditional wisdoms, plant propagation, and permaculture. These come with hands-on experience in community ventures like food gardens, market crops, traditional farm cultures, greenhouses, and wildlife rehabilitation.


Branding & Creative Direction

I use my array of skills to bring ideas and visions to life. My expertise spans across multiple facets of design and creative, including Brand Design, Graphic and Logo Design, and Web Design. My goal is always to create memorable visual experiences, but it’s really about the story we’re trying to tell.

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Beyond design, I’m also a proficient video editor, adding a dynamic layer to the storytelling. In essence, I’m not just a creative director or a branding expert, but a multifaceted creative professional ready to bring your vision to life.


Graphic Design & Web Design

I am a web designer, graphic designer, and web developer living in Richmond, Virginia. I specialize in creating company brands/identities as well as producing beautiful, responsive web designs. I have years of experience designing logos, advertisements, infographics, websites and much more.

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One of my true passions is creating fully ADA compliant designs and websites.

Throughout my pursuits, I exercise skills in Adobe CS (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, etc.), HTML/CSS, Javascript/JQuery, PHP, graphic design, typography, illustration, design for print and publication, leadership, project management, and CMS (Concrete5, WordPress, etc.).

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